Install VirusChaser and a bug will be unleashed on your PDA, that no antivirus software can save you from. Instead you'll have to do the job yourself.

Don't panic, because VirusChaser is just a game, in which you need to prevent a green bug escaping from a network of tiles. To do this you need to block its way by creating barriers from green tiles. Just click on a tile to turn it green. The virus can only move one tile at a time, but you'll still need to be quick in order to block off its escape route before it reaches the end.

VirusChaser is a very simple timewaster-style game and they're isn't much too it really. There's no score, no levels and no variation in the gameplay. The only thing that changes between each game is the default positioning of the green tiles on the game board.

The graphics in VirusChaser aren't very elaborate either, but not let this minimalist approach put you off, because the game is still good fun to play and it's the sort of thing you'll want to play over and over.

If you're fed up of getting viruses all the time, VirusCatcher offers you a good way to exact your revenge.



VirusChaser 1.0

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